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Why is it that I hear the songs lyrics to fionna apple's criminial in my head. Anyway, I been well busy. I sort working on delvoping two of my series. One is called Dark Knights which is a gender bending (inspired by LLN's The beginning is the end) webserial. I haven't gotten to really write it as the plot is still in delvopment. I also in the middle of putting up my own network. Can I rant for second here. So I was looking around the web series water cooler, and I was like saw nothing but *Het* series. Expect for 'Watcher's which I totally respect. I like it more than Virtual Mutant's (Monster Zero) Slayer's Academy. So I decide to create something for Slashers, and people who wanted to write something different. So I created Zephyr Productions. So if any of your folks who see this is interested in creating a series, please let me know.

Anywho, that it for me.
Adrianne B.
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I have been busy, but I finially finished the intial outline for the first 'book' of Rabilia named origin. It's was a bit hard, and I had to revise somewhat towards the end of the weekend, but it's all gravy. My mom, Stepdad, and the girls went on hoilday for two days to houston for a family renunion, I however decided to skip the festivites (I'll bored into 2.5 seconds of getting there) and house sit instead. It was boring, and a bit scary, and I missed the girls. I didn't however miss my stepfather's negative comments the moment he stepped through the door. At the moment my mother, and the girls are fast to sleep, and Bruce is in the den which I assume he is watching TV. On the horizion I have to get ready for my Paralegal enterance exam for college, and start looking for job, because frankly I can't stand this situation anymore. On the upside I decided to do a network/production company called Zephyr Productions. I just finished the banner, and did the intial template for the site. All I need to do tweak it slightly, and fill it. I'll post the link here first. Anywhoo, that's what's been going on for me and Rabilia. Please feel free to check here for later updates.

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