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So It’s no secret with my family and friends that I become very interested in Queer (Gay) rights. So I have been looking into my GLBT community websites, the few that are online. And can I say for the record there is very few good websites about the San Antonio Community. And for some one new to the whole community it can be dishearting. Sigh. So to my point on this post I have been keeping up on story about the supposed drug raid on a Lesbian couple in the Leon Valley area on April 28. If you haven't heard about what happened please feel free to check out this article.. I along with the rest of the community is horrified at the blatant homophobic treatment of the couple, and also badily handled way they went about the whole situation all around. It makes me feel a bit afraid that one day it will happen where I live in NE San Antonio, and about my young nieces & nephews who live with me. The way the officers behaved was such an obvious disrespect to this couple civil rights.

And I hope that Chief McManus reprimands or fires the officers responsible. This attack on one of the community leaves with the feeling that I can't leave my guard down. That none us in the SA GLBT community can afford to.

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