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Okay, so I been silent on the menagerie front. I'm not done with it, but I was burnt out. I kind of scrapped the last storyline, added a new main character by the name of Felix Keane. And it's going to be delicious, and so fey. I'm not even kidding you. This all I can tell you right now, but as soon as I'm done with the initial outlining, I'll give you guys the summary here first. Also I moved to a different server, and dropped .com for a .tk. So update your bookmarks.
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So no word counts today. I tried writing, and it went to sit. I'm also sick as dog. And all I want to do is sleep. Although, I can't do that at the moment. I'm not going to be on the computer for a day or so. So if I'm AWOL, then that's why. I'm going to try to write tomorrow if I feel better. I'm also kind of getting frustrated, but some scenes are not turning out as I planned. I might have to completely rewrite one scene. I'm not giving up, and I'm going to continue to write this series.
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Brand Spanking New Logo!

So I'm back again, posting yet AGAIN for a third time. However, I just had to share. As a treat for all of my kick ass writing, I did the logo. I tried wordpress, and customizing just failed like crazy. However, I'm going to use the same template from Andreas Viklund that I was going to use on nexus. Different colors this time, and maybe different background too. The colors for Menagerie are Teal, Brown, and Gold. I was inspired by some African pattern prints that I found on Google Images. Tomorrow morning, I'm getting up to finish the rough draft of the first episode. And then I'm taking a day off to revise. I'm going to work on the website and the writing at the same time. Read more... )
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So happy black Friday to everyone! I hope everyone is being safe, and hitting the good sales. I never do black Friday, because I'm always, every year without fail, broke. Ah, well. This gives me time to do finish some much needed soul searching for the new series that I'm writing. So I wanted the character Peter Parker in this series early on. I wanted him to the be the entry point into the marvel universe. *shakes head* As, I do the outline for what I want.I realized, that his subplot is not really strong enough to use. So Peter Parker is going to be inactive for a while. Read more... )
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As it's obvious to everyone, I started to write in my writing journal again. I need to let out my obvious issues when it comes to writing, and this will give me an insight in the future on where I need improve.

So, I'm busy writing the outline for my first book in my Noir Universe: Guilty As Syn. And it's hard work folks. Outlining is killing my will to live. If it was just a short story, I would not even bother. However, it's part of the longer Noir Universe and I need to outline just for continuity sake alone. I'm 50% through the outline, and I am almost through with Act Two.

Also I have (count them) three different series: Spellbound, Noir, and Nexus. Yeah, if I don't do an outline, it will be crazy just trying to remember details for three very different series.

Fuck my life, folks!

I had to adjust the outline for GAsyn (Guilty As Syn), because the the rival angle was not working for me at all. I also decided to do it all from Miranda's point of view, and I also decided that I will do a presequal for this fic 'Becoming Syn' when I'm done. Joy/end sarcasm.

And when will I will starting publishing this online? After the new year for thats for sure.

Spellbound and Nexus will premiere in the summer of 2012.

I will give this journal updates on my writing as I progress. Pray for me folks, I think I'm going to need every little bit of help coming my way.
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So I have lately been knee deep in my Devil Loves Prada fanfiction. Mirandy has sucked in my soul. I rebooted Shadowlands and renamed it to Noir. I'm writing my first fic for the series/verse called 'Guilty As Syn' which is a multiple crossover centering in the DWP fandom.

I'm so excited, and I'm halfway through with outlining the story. I should be done the end of this week. And I will be starting to write it probably by next week.

I'm going to really try to stick with this fic to the bitter end, but I know without a doubt that I'm going to need a good beta. I will start searching for one after the final edit.

On other news, I been really busy with graphics. This is mainly due to inspiration from the DWP fandom and the brand new image editing software Serif Photo Plus X4. Yeah, I love this program more than gimp, and photoshop. I have no shame in saying that either.

*deep breath*

Here we go..

and I as it turns out that I have to go.


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For productivity purpose, I'm going to write first thing in the morning and edit in the at night. Maybe I won't be going so slowly in writing and publishing episodes. I can be a little be more consistent. My anxiety, mostly due to the fact that baby sister has moved back yet again to the house, has made it bit impossible to finish editing Ep2. Which I admit, I should of finished it a few weeks earlier. Hopefully, getting into a routine will help in fixing that.

However, I'm so excited about Nexus premiere, which can you even believe it is next Friday. I'm also so very nervous about it. I still have some issues with the episode, but it as good as it's going to get.

Anyway, I have to go and like to a chill pill (literally), and then go do my chores before hitting the hey.


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So I'm revising episode 2, and the editing is quite frankly is taking way more time than writing the initial rough draft. Editing/Revising is a pain in the ass, but of what I revised so far. I edited about 200 words today, but I will finished my 1000 goal later tonight when the kids are bed. As today, I'm babysitting and my sister has disappeared all day so everything has fell to me.

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So I'm in the midst of the third draft of Episode 1 of Nexus. I love how it's coming together, but I was so stressed how much close I cut the deadline of the premiere that I was almost having a nervous breakdown. So I decided after much thought to push it back a few weeks to September 23. No, I'm not giving up. Every time, I feel I want to give up I just look at the affirmations that I wrote in my journal and it makes me so much better.

I also found to surprise that the more that I write, the more that series grows beyond the bounds of the original plan. Hell I have two supporting OC's that came out of nowhere. And I love it.

Also there is about fifteen or sixteen potential readers who interested and that's not a bad place to start Nexus's reader/fan base. I really don't want to let them down, which is also what keeps me motivating from quiting.

Another thing that made happy was the warm reception of my website. At first when I started to promote the series there so many bugs in the website and the LJ com that it took me all day flipping through websites to fix it. I still have to revise the site this weekend. Or maybe on Monday.

I'm taking a break from Nexus tonight, and tommorw I'm going right back to work. As much as I love Nexus, I'm not going to let it give me heart attack. I might also start to plan episode 2 tonite too. I really don't know.

My plan for writing is this: Write 2 hours. Then break. So at least I won't be overwhelmed with the series.

Anyway, I have to go. I need like so rest.


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So I finished editing the prologue today. It was of course, a bitch to do. Especially with me being interrupted with my stepfather shutting down the lights to fix an electronically error. *rolls eyes* I'm hyped to start on Episode 1 and this weekend I'm going to fully concentrate on doing the last minute touches on the website before it goes live on Monday.

I'm going up to officially premiere the series on Friday, September 2! Previews are going to be published on Ultimate Xander, Twisting The Hellmouth, and! So please stay tuned.

Oh, and I'm going to do the graphics for the extras page of the website probably this week or next week by the latest.

So that's it for today's update and writing diary. Please stay tuned!
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So I came to the end of episode one and really noticed how much off track that episode was from my original intentions. No I'm not revising the whole series again. I'm not doing that ever again from this point on. However, I'm am going to write a second draft for episode 1 next week. The rest of this week I will be concentrating on revising and publishing the prologue. And then revising the website over the weekend. So I can start publishing the series by the end of the month.

I"m so excited ya'll. I'm literally jumping up and down. I also bought two more books for research. A book about Clairvoyance and Lisa William's latest book 'Survival OF The Soul'.

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Anyways, I just wanted to just drop in for a second to give you guys this latest update.

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So I kind had good momentum today. However, in the next scene I stopped to read something on the internet and I lost momentum. I did complete my thousand word count goal, but I made mistake of stopping when I should of continued. Episode 1 : Those Left Behind Part I is going to have to be massively revised. It's going to be headache. I'm two or more scenes before I have completed this week's episode. And then I'm going to rest for a day, before revising and editing. Oh joy.

*le sigh* I hate editing, but is a necessary evil that all writers must endure.
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Okay, so now that I have gotten back on my medication (long story; don't ask) I finally got a fire lit under me and I'm starting to get back into some projects. First and foremost I revised Nexus for the third time in the last few years, and I decided to make Xander a shaman. As, I read more about Shamanism, which is quite frankly fascinating, I find that the role of Shaman fits Xander quite well.
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Okay, so I haven't really done anything  on the podfic front. Mostly because I'm lazy, and some of it is because of the heavy depression that I have been battling since I stupidly went off my medication. I been a bit out of control in every point of my life since I went off my medication so hopefully the medicine will help me center myself again. 

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 Okay, so I got the green light from DB to record a podfic of 'Baby You're Mine'. And I'm so excited! Last night was a bust in recording. I did three takes of chapter one. And I realized to my horror that I was reading it too fast. So I'll record another later tonight are 3am when the rest of the house is asleep. I love this fic so much, and I want to do good by it. This is actually going to be the longest podfic that I will record up to date. And I have strategy. I thought I had to do different voices for each dialogue. I realized that I couldn't do it. 

So like a gift from goddess above, II just finished listening to 'Screw You We're From Texas' a J2 fic. It was awesome, and I realized if I read the dialogue with emotion and not flat & monotone voice that it would still be good. I rather spend three weeks on a 19,000 word podfic and make sure that it's good, then to rush and have it be rubbish. 

By the goddess, I seem to be learning something new everyday. 

I'm still outlining the first season of Spellbound, although I'm not working on right now. The air conditioner broke down, and sap all my energy. However, it looks that it might be fixed in time for tonight! 

Anyway, that's all from corner of the net, until next time folks.

--Adrianne Boudreau
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So I'm writing. Huzzah! And it's not fit for posting, but I'm getting better. I'm actually writing a slash sex scene for Hawaii 5-0. Of course, this fandom got me so enamored it's not even funny. The first fandom that I would watch even if there wasn't awesome fic to be had.

Also this week, I'm totally sick. So I haven't really been able to delve into fandom as deeply as I usually do. This have been augmented by podfic. I get to lay in bed all day, and listen to someone read smut.

It is of course a bit embarrassing. It's one thing to read the word cock it's another to hear it bluntly said. I been blushing sense last week.

I have my website up, which I announced last week on my facebook, and twitter. <href=""> and I have shadowlands website up, but I still have to fill in the web content.

I'll be outlining probably next week for Shadowlands: Shadow Reign (BBC's Merlin) & Knightshade (Xander Centric BtvS). So stay tuned for some first fic coming that way in a couple of weeks.
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So I wrote about two paragraphs. Back to the beginning again. This is what I get for being so fucking lazy. I'm back to the beginning again. Lately, I'm so freaking letharic it's not even funny. I can't seem to get the hell out of bed. And not even coffee is helping me. Lady, help me. Shadowland, the plotting anyway is coming together beautifully but I have to get my writing back into shape before I do anything that way.

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So yeah I been pretty absent. But a lot of things have changed in the last maybe a week and half to two weeks. First being, I have to update my schedule for the year. Evenfall is now being called Shadowlands. I changed somethings, and Evenfall became hella darker. So Evenfall doesn't quite fit.

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Oh boy, where do I begin with the shit fest that ends all shit fests?
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So since yesterday I haven't been writing mostly because I'm working, babysitting the little nu-nus and I boast to my displeasure that I have only maybe three to four hours of sleep. So my brain is not working at full capacity at the moment. I did check off a couple things yesterday, and had to struggle with the html for my pop up windows of my character bios which of course works for everyone else but for little ole me? Nada.

So I have to work around it as usual. I got a storyline for season1 bubbling in my head, and it's going to be whooper that I can assure you!

Anyway, that's all for today my few, but fateful readers. I'm going to sit back watch my nu-nu's play and read some fanfic on my laptop.

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