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Omigod, I'm trying not to sob right now. I'm thinking about the last time I saw my kids this morning. And right now I want to rush to pick up my kids, and squeeze them. I just what kind of sick bastard goes to a elementary school, elementary school for godsakes shoot kids, shoot their own mother, their own family. My oldest, and middle kid are at school right now. At an elementary school. And this incident leaves me terrified, and angry. I hate to be political, but how many shootings, how many people have to die before we do some gun control reform in this country. I'm not talking about UK levels of gun control, but something better than what we  have now. This is the second shooting this month. This week even.

And I don't know if the shooter had a history of mental problems, but if he did. He shouldn't have a gun in the first place. As person with mental problems, I suffer from agoraphobia, anxiety, and depression; I  think you shouldn't be able to get gun in this country.  My father thinks that nothing can be changed, and I call bullshit. Things can be changed. And I think we need to start shouting, screaming at our people in congress to do something. My stepfather has gone to pick up my kids. And I'm waiting for baited breath for my kids to come home. You send you kids to school each morning thinking that they are going to be okay, that it's safe. And more, and more it's becoming less true. And it makes me want to scream, I want to wrap my kids in bubble wrap, and home school them for chrissake. But the hard truth is that the world is an unsafe place, and I just have to keep calm, and carry on .

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