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I have been busy, but I finially finished the intial outline for the first 'book' of Rabilia named origin. It's was a bit hard, and I had to revise somewhat towards the end of the weekend, but it's all gravy. My mom, Stepdad, and the girls went on hoilday for two days to houston for a family renunion, I however decided to skip the festivites (I'll bored into 2.5 seconds of getting there) and house sit instead. It was boring, and a bit scary, and I missed the girls. I didn't however miss my stepfather's negative comments the moment he stepped through the door. At the moment my mother, and the girls are fast to sleep, and Bruce is in the den which I assume he is watching TV. On the horizion I have to get ready for my Paralegal enterance exam for college, and start looking for job, because frankly I can't stand this situation anymore. On the upside I decided to do a network/production company called Zephyr Productions. I just finished the banner, and did the intial template for the site. All I need to do tweak it slightly, and fill it. I'll post the link here first. Anywhoo, that's what's been going on for me and Rabilia. Please feel free to check here for later updates.
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Mostly, I been pretty well...Lazy. I should have a few things done with since like early may, but instead I been sort of lazing around, and it shows. Yet, I also was deterred by a tooth ache from hell. It's still here, but now I can function without the need to take a gun and shoot myself. At the moment I'm babysitting baby faith, and she trying to consumed her pacifier with the greatest of ease. The only respite these days sneaking late at night to watch 'Sex in the city' in the dead of night. Frankly, after spending days watching Dora the explorer, and Blue Clues's, not to mention the over used DVD 'Elmo in Grouchland', I needed the adult stimulation that only a good episode of SITC can bring. Anywhoo, I'm writing the story line summeries for first book, and now I'eve all but finished the website, all I need is to find tune for this storyarch, and I should be raring to go. I'm still fighting myself over the format.
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So I been a busy little beaver lately, burning the midnight oil as it seems.  First I finished the series prologue that is from Sam Carter's point of view. All it needs is for me to edit it, and then send to a beta (when I find a beta), second of all, I did awesome banner for the spin off Rebellion's way, and redid the banner that was originally in the colors black, red, and two tones of gray, and switched the colors to powder blue,  and charcoal gray. Then I spent ALL night last night going on free Play music, going through production songs for my theme songs for my two series. And now I'm working on finishing my outline, so i can begin writing the first of five episode of the first story arch "Possession". Then to end all, to be all is also trying to finish the work on my website.

During all this, It's what I call "Hell weekend" when I babysitting for two days straight without any relief from my chauvinstic stepfather. 

I don't I deserve some props or what?

Anyway, I should be ready for fall season, and I'm thinking of premiering in sometime in the fall season? All that I really need to do, is start looking for a good beta. And I should be fine.
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Okay, so I'm been a little jumpy about my series for a while, hell it's four years of work that I been doing, and it hasn't been easy. I finally decided on a format. I'm doing a format of mixture of prose and script. You have to read it to really get what I'm picturing here. I'm currently working on the storyline summeries.  And it's getting easier, at first I was having anxiety attacks after I read the summery of IOTH, but then it took me a episode of "Sex and City" to finally remember my aim for the series is. To illustrate love, and family in a new light to constertrate on the characters, than the action.

Anyway, with brand new home. I'm happy camper. Also me downloading Keynote PIM has made me much happier. Anyway, I should be up for fall season after all.


So back to my real life situation....Raychell (my sister has disappeared again), leaving me to take care of her two small childern....again. Then to make things worse, it's the weekend, and I'm not going to have any semblance of help for the next two days. So that means no sleep, and having to deal with my dickweed stepfather. Why do I stay here? For the mother, and the kids. Yosher! Anyway, talk to you folks later.

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Damn, I hate this, I really, I really hate this.  My been trying to get this series together it's like two steps forward, then two steps back. I swear! Okay, so  I been doing the storyline summeries, and figured out that I had to revise yet again.  Then I wrestling (actually contintuing wrestingly) between script format, and prose format. I didn't want to alienate my fan fiction people, because Rabilia is a fan fiction series, just in format, but I also wanted to show myself and those guys at the Stargate Universe site that I can do it. And still be as good.  I started off as a prose writer, but I fell i love with Screenplay format. And here I was just a year ago ragging on Stargate Horizion for doing that. I do say they put a little too much of a shooting script. Anyway, enough of my rants, I got to go.
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I'eve been sick, and trying to produce my web series Rabilia, and get ready for the fall season. Then add to the fact that I have hands full of sick bebes. God, it was awful, my mother (their grandmother) went to doctor with their check-up, and ended up with a virus that had the whole house sick. Then the awful half-sisters decided to drop by, and my horrible week is complete. lol. I have  to write up the storylines for Rabilia, and then is on to the episodes. Joy! Anyhoo. Talk to you guys later.


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