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Hey, so I been pretty quiet on my journal, facebook, and all that stuff. Expect for twitter, thanks for the automatic posts via comments on LJ. Anywhoo, I decided to put Nexus on hiatus for a while until I have some idea what I'm doing with the series, and where I'm going. I'm sorry all of my readers. I was just too ambitious, did things way too fast, and quick. And now I'm stuck. 

Hopefully, I will come back to the series after the new year. 

I"m still writing, however. 

It's something called Iron Sight. It's in it's first draft stage. And I'm 686 words into it. 

On to the subject of my new friends: Howdy Partners! via [ profile] avengers_2k

I hope to get to know you, in coming months and I hope everyone has a safe, and awesome Halloween or Samhain! 
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So I'm revising episode 2, and the editing is quite frankly is taking way more time than writing the initial rough draft. Editing/Revising is a pain in the ass, but of what I revised so far. I edited about 200 words today, but I will finished my 1000 goal later tonight when the kids are bed. As today, I'm babysitting and my sister has disappeared all day so everything has fell to me.

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So I finished editing the prologue today. It was of course, a bitch to do. Especially with me being interrupted with my stepfather shutting down the lights to fix an electronically error. *rolls eyes* I'm hyped to start on Episode 1 and this weekend I'm going to fully concentrate on doing the last minute touches on the website before it goes live on Monday.

I'm going up to officially premiere the series on Friday, September 2! Previews are going to be published on Ultimate Xander, Twisting The Hellmouth, and! So please stay tuned.

Oh, and I'm going to do the graphics for the extras page of the website probably this week or next week by the latest.

So that's it for today's update and writing diary. Please stay tuned!
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So I came to the end of episode one and really noticed how much off track that episode was from my original intentions. No I'm not revising the whole series again. I'm not doing that ever again from this point on. However, I'm am going to write a second draft for episode 1 next week. The rest of this week I will be concentrating on revising and publishing the prologue. And then revising the website over the weekend. So I can start publishing the series by the end of the month.

I"m so excited ya'll. I'm literally jumping up and down. I also bought two more books for research. A book about Clairvoyance and Lisa William's latest book 'Survival OF The Soul'.

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Anyways, I just wanted to just drop in for a second to give you guys this latest update.

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So I kind had good momentum today. However, in the next scene I stopped to read something on the internet and I lost momentum. I did complete my thousand word count goal, but I made mistake of stopping when I should of continued. Episode 1 : Those Left Behind Part I is going to have to be massively revised. It's going to be headache. I'm two or more scenes before I have completed this week's episode. And then I'm going to rest for a day, before revising and editing. Oh joy.

*le sigh* I hate editing, but is a necessary evil that all writers must endure.
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Title: Amatures
Author: Adrianne Boudreau
Fandom: Original Fiction (Nexus)
Wordcount: 517
Rating: G
Characters: Colby Petters (OMC)
Notes: This is a character sketch for my OMC Colby Petters which will have a supporting role in my series Nexus
Disclaimer: Colby Petters is all mine, but Graham Norton whose image I chosen to portray my character belongs to himself. Mr. Norton does not endorse, or did not get any monetary compensation for his image appearing here. I did use it without his permission, but I hope he doesn't sue me for it. :)
Summary: Colby Petters has little patience for amatures

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Nope, Nope, Uh..not in a million years." mumbled Colby Petters as he flipped through a rack of dress shirts in one of his favorite department stores on bond street.

Then he beamed as he found a bright purple silk shirt that looked delightful with his new suit that he had just recently ordered from Mark Jacobs. He flounced (there was only just one word for it) over to the long floor to ceiling mirror and put up against his chest.

He flexed side to side noticing how it complemented his complexion just so. Then suddenly Colby froze for a long moment as he witnessed something quite strange was going on.

A man, who looked barely out of his teens was shoving a silk handkerchief into his pockets before he moved away.

Colby sighed, and wrinkled his nose.

A shopelifter, just exaclty what he didn't really need invading the sanctury of his favorite shoppe.

He had two choices ignore it, or turn the bugger in.

Carefully, he hooked the shirt on a hook on a nearby dressing room door.

He diffidently was going to add this shirt to his wardrobe.

He walked back to the mirror, his hands coming up to in a almost automatic fashion straighten his emerald green pattern shirt, and then his short blond hair. While at the same time his eyes zeroed in on the shopliftter who moving towards the back shelf near the exit.

With a sigh, he walked away the mirror and made his way through the racks until he was a rack or so away from the man. He looked over to the shop keeper who was flipping through a magazine. Looking for all the world that he was just shopping. Then he walked up to the man as he was about to pocket a designer black leather belt and snatched it out of his hand.


Colby gave a mock cheerful smile that didn't at all reach his eyes those were hard, and accessing. "Darling, this belt would look all wrong for you."

"What the hell are you on about?" The man said, his voice growing louder. "Give it back!"

"I would lower your voice if I were you, dear chap." Colby said. "It wouldn't do for the clerk to get a clue that you are stealing them blind, would it?"

The man suddenly froze in place. His parlor growing pale, his eyes huge. "W..what do you mean?" The man stuttered.

Colby just barely refrained from rolling his eyes. "Look, just leave before I decide to alert the clerk, and call the bobbies on you. Caprice?"

The shop lifter looked over to clerk who was gazing at them with a strange look then back at Colby. Before he whirled around, and fled the store.

Colby shook his head, and gave a tisk. That man was obviously an amateur. The tall blond man had very little patience for amateurs. Then he spun around and went up to the register.

"Alright then, Mr.Petters?" the clerk asked.

Colby the man gave a warm smile. "Just fine, Jonathan."
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I'm writing a fantasy Xander Centric series called Nexus. And I was trying to have the vision of Xander that I have in my head so I messed around Gimp, and this was the result: Read more... )
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Well, I have been pretty lazy over the year. And I'm working on a series called Nexus. It features Xander Harris from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and is a crossover series. I working on Volume One. Which is going to kick my ass. Anywhoo. The premisis on a group of Dragon-Human shapeshifters called Drakons. Xander becomes one, and ends up diving into the Drakon underworld. It's going to be a multi-fandom called Nexus. I was inspired by Tiffany F on The Dragon Chronicles, and Fire Season by Lex Valentine. I'm currently in the research and development stages for this series. However, I estimate that the series will premeire by early to mid spring of this year. So stay tuned.

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