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Okay, so I been silent on the menagerie front. I'm not done with it, but I was burnt out. I kind of scrapped the last storyline, added a new main character by the name of Felix Keane. And it's going to be delicious, and so fey. I'm not even kidding you. This all I can tell you right now, but as soon as I'm done with the initial outlining, I'll give you guys the summary here first. Also I moved to a different server, and dropped .com for a .tk. So update your bookmarks.
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So no word counts today. I tried writing, and it went to sit. I'm also sick as dog. And all I want to do is sleep. Although, I can't do that at the moment. I'm not going to be on the computer for a day or so. So if I'm AWOL, then that's why. I'm going to try to write tomorrow if I feel better. I'm also kind of getting frustrated, but some scenes are not turning out as I planned. I might have to completely rewrite one scene. I'm not giving up, and I'm going to continue to write this series.
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Brand Spanking New Logo!

So I'm back again, posting yet AGAIN for a third time. However, I just had to share. As a treat for all of my kick ass writing, I did the logo. I tried wordpress, and customizing just failed like crazy. However, I'm going to use the same template from Andreas Viklund that I was going to use on nexus. Different colors this time, and maybe different background too. The colors for Menagerie are Teal, Brown, and Gold. I was inspired by some African pattern prints that I found on Google Images. Tomorrow morning, I'm getting up to finish the rough draft of the first episode. And then I'm taking a day off to revise. I'm going to work on the website and the writing at the same time. Read more... )
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So happy black Friday to everyone! I hope everyone is being safe, and hitting the good sales. I never do black Friday, because I'm always, every year without fail, broke. Ah, well. This gives me time to do finish some much needed soul searching for the new series that I'm writing. So I wanted the character Peter Parker in this series early on. I wanted him to the be the entry point into the marvel universe. *shakes head* As, I do the outline for what I want.I realized, that his subplot is not really strong enough to use. So Peter Parker is going to be inactive for a while. Read more... )

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