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Rainbow Support is a fandom auction intended to raise funds for a variety of LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, asexual) charities to support them. All winning bids will go to the organizations actively working to better the lives of the community, individually and as a whole and to organizations that are actively working to support and promote LGBTQIA rights.

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I am quite comfortable with the gender I was born as. However, I greatly admire those who don't have the same feeling about their birth sex, and have the courage to be true to themselves, and to live as who they really are inside. It is in my opinion, that all the people in the GLBT community, that it people who are Trangender that have it the hardest. They are discriminated against,  and is most targeted portion of the GLBT community when it comes to hate crimes .

In the last year alone, I heard so many horrific crimes against trangender people, and it always sickens me the depth of my soul at the depth of hatred, and prejudice that some people can be capable of.

I am also very disturbed by some people in the GLBT community, who instead of sticking up for our Transgendered brothers and sisters, they condemned them because they don't fit in their own views of respectability, and normalcy.

As an a member of the GLBT community, I'm urging everyone to remember those have perished due to anti-transgendered hatred, and prejudice.

Click Here To learn more about The Transgender Day of Remembrance

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