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Dear Friends & Patrons:

So I'm moving servers again. ;_; And, since all my art is hosted at my server/word press, which is going to take a day or so to get up. Don't worry (for those few who are indeed worried) My art will be back up tomorrow!

Sorry for the inconvenienced,
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As it was pointed out by one of my readers. I need a beta reader. If you interested, please go ahead and PM me or contact me at my email me at:

Thanks so much!

Adrianne B.
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As you may remember, AVOS acquired delicious last year. In order for your bookmarks to be transferred and not be deleted, you need to log into delicious and accept their terms and privacy policy. You can do this here:

Since many fans may not have received (or read) the notification in April, please repost this announcement in your journals and community
blogs (if permitted). If you love someone's delicious links or rely on a community's delicious list, please consider writing to them and ask
them to either accept the AVOS transition or transition their bookmarks to another service such as Diigo.

After September 23, if the delicious account owner has not opted in to the transfer, their bookmarks will be permanently deleted (and of course any rec links that use delicious will no longer work).

If you do not want to use the direct link above, you can access the opt-in link via either the AVOS blog or via Delicious' own Transfer FAQ.

(posted with permission)
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 I have a dreamwidth  account, I don't know exactly at this point what I'm going to use it for. And it's pretty darn empty right now. However, it's here if you want to check it out later when I got some entries up and running. 
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There is one little known fact about me, that my friends, and my family doesn't know. Its a secret that I keep to myself, but now I'm sharing with you guys... I' m a wedding nut!! I watch “Whose Wedding Is it anyway”, “Say Yes To The Dress”, and I have announcement on the The Knot Dot Com. The sad thing is I'm single a single lesbian.

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