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So happy black Friday to everyone! I hope everyone is being safe, and hitting the good sales. I never do black Friday, because I'm always, every year without fail, broke. Ah, well. This gives me time to do finish some much needed soul searching for the new series that I'm writing. So I wanted the character Peter Parker in this series early on. I wanted him to the be the entry point into the marvel universe. *shakes head* As, I do the outline for what I want.I realized, that his subplot is not really strong enough to use. So Peter Parker is going to be inactive for a while.


I'm going to use Andy, and Xander. And, I'm adamant that I'm not going to use them as love interests. There is this sort of hyperbole going around that a man and woman can't be friends without having sex. This is of course is bullshit,  since I had many male friends that I never slept with, even before I finally came out to myself. Hollywood, perpetrates this myth the most. And I'm going to prove them wrong, ;) 

As for the outlining, I have to do some form of outline. I really do, I tried to write by the seat of my pants. And it didn't really work. However, I'm not outlining it all the way. I'm doing act by act, because I often change my mind, and it gives me enough wiggle room to write spontaneously If I need to.

I also came to the realization that I'm going to do some future crossovers with The Ghost Busters franchise at some point. It should be interesting how my shaman!Xander should interact with the ghost busters. Hilarity is totally going to ensue. Well, I have to go. I'm pretty tired, and I have to finish my household chores. 

---Adrianne B.

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