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So lately I been mentioning that I have been getting into cooking. I got a great tutorial for my mom's recipe for making her own version of spaghetti, which she made last night. It's a quick and easy recipe. And it's a staple for when you don't have a lot of time or money on your hands. I wish that all my peeps could be in my mom's kitchen eating her spaghetti. You guys, are sure missing out. Today, is my last time baking for until after Thanksgiving. Traditionally, thanksgiving is my mom's time to shine in the kitchen. However, the holidays with Yule / Christmas coming up I will bringing my own religious traditions and some great family classics into the kitchen. I'm making Yule Log Cake, and Gingerbread cookies. I made the cookies last year (with the help of  Betty Crocker packet). I think might make them from scratch this year.

As for the oatmeal raisin cookies that I made today. I ended up accidentally skipped the vanilla extract. Yeah, and I may of put too much flour. However, by the grace of the divine  they turned out delicious. I might try a different recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies.  My eldest kid, Nikki she didn't like how they looked, and she thought it was not sweet enough. And this pretty odd, Nikki is not a real fan of really sweet food. So I thought it would be it a hit with her. Not so. My middle child, Fay loved them. She ate, Nikki's left overs. And my stepfather gave a reluctant nod of approval. So yeah, I will be making these again, but with just a different recipe source.

I made rice krispies for what was supposed to be Halloween, turned out to be a post-Halloween treat. I was grilling hamburgers for Halloween *rolls eyes*. The rice krispies treats, were good, but I put too much rice krispies in them. And they turned out way huge, and harder than I expected them. I had to microwave them to soften them up a bit.
That's it, for this installment of Witch In The Kitchen! I have to go now, and wake my youngest from his late evening nap.

Ta Ta For Now!
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