Nov. 22nd, 2012

adrianneb78239: (marriage takes three)

Hello, and happy turkey day to all my peeps out there. I hope that you have a good day celebrating and re-connecting with friends. I just finished watching the Macy's parade, I only caught the very end, but thank god for re-runs. I also want to say happy thanksgiving for all of my peeps who was effected by Hurricane Sandy. I want to let you know that my heart goes out to all the victims of that Hurricane, and I just want you guys to have a little peace and happiness this year. My thoughts, are with you this holiday season. *hugs*.

Right now, my step-dad is cooking the turkey. It's the one day a year that he actually cooks, and it's his big thing. He takes so much care to get everything right. Although. he panicked, because he forgot to add flour to the bird bag/zip-lock cooking bag that he cooks it in.

My mom has been up cooking since at eleven last night, and she's dozing off in the den. Watching reruns of 'Leave it to beaver'. My kids just finished watching the parade, and is harassing their birth mother, my sister to death. LOL. Just another Thanksgiving, abet a small one at my house.

Also happy Thursday to all my international friends, who are lucky bastards, and don't have to go through the Chaos until Christmas.


P.S. Typically, Mabon is my religious time for thanksgiving. However, since my family is almost exclusively Christian, I tend to have to have to celebrate two separate, but similar holidays.

Oh, and stay tuned for the Christmas/Holiday cards, which I will start making this week.

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