Apr. 6th, 2012

adrianneb78239: (L&C)
Oh, this was so much fun. I totally enjoyed it. Writing makes me want to slam my a head against the door. However, I so love it and enjoy writing. And I couldn't imagine my self without writing, or more likely trying to write something. It's so ingrained with me now. While meanwhile, doing graphic is sometimes frustrating, but it actually calms me down. I love doing it as a hobby, and I find it fun trying to match my works with professionals in the field. And yah, most of the time I end up losing but, I still have fun. I really had a great time with doing Small Fandom Big Bang. Everyone over there was fabolous from the mod, on to my author taibrigh? on down. I'm totally doing it next year.

And now it's on to Werewolf Big Bang. *rolls eyes* I'm a sucker for a good supernatural/paranormal story. And, although my attention has been firmly on SFBB, now I can put my full attention on WBB. So many good writers over there, and I'm salavating on what I get to choose in the artist claiming. It looks like there are so many great stories that I will get to choose to from.

Anyway, I have to go. One BB down, several to go. (I'm totally insane).

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