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Hey just thinking again. I was delving into the archives of the daily dot, and came upon a thought provoking article. There is a claim, actually there is a fact that almost all of the slash pairings in the multi fandom are white. It's very rare to see a person of color as a focus of a slash fandom. And I thought to myself, if there is anything to it. A lot of it has to do with modern western media. It's been my thought, that media such as television, and movies which make up a good portion of fandom is white. White and Straight. It's one of the reasons that slash is here, and has been here to stay for a while.

I love diversity, and one my gripes with media, American media in particular that it's very narrow. And if media is supposed to the mirror of our society, I find it lacking. Media and fandom are mirror images of each for the  most part. If the media is effected, best be sure that it's going to effect the fandom in some way. I think the reason, or one of the many reasons that slash pairings are so white, is because media is mostly white. I hardly ever see a person of color as in a leading role. I never almost see a person of color have a subtextual relationship with another man . However, for me, it's never race, not even the person sex that determines the love a ship. Although, I admit that I'm mostly attracted to slash pairings as I grow older. It's the chemistry, it's the subtext, and it's the depth of the characters.

Take Skyfall for example. I have always loved Moneypenny. In world of macho world of James Bond movieverse, she always made laugh, always made want to know more about this character. Hell, before Skyfall I shipped James/Moneypenny hard core. And I been watching bond films off and on since I was a kid.

However, in the most recent bond film, I found the chemistry between James and Moneypenny lacking. Would I have been in love with this film, or even given half a chance if wasn't for the 00Q? Probably not, but if I had seen it anyway, I would  went on shipping James/Moneypenny. However, there was no chemistry between James and Moneypenny.  I'm one of these people who love new crazes, that in some instances you can call me a MSF. It's my nature to be a flake, and I go where the fanworks go.

Yeah, maybe in someways the people who raised this question are right, but there are many avenues to this question. And not a lot of solutions to fix this. I think it's got to be an effort between the fans and the creators to put some more diverse slash pairings out there.

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