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Here be SPOILERS guys! Also warning for unreal levels of fangirl squeeage going on here, and potential grammar fails.

Okay, first, and foremost. I totally scummed to another fandom. And yes, call me a MSF, do I care? Nope. I went to this movie thinking that it was going to follow the same old Bond movie formula, and it did in a way. Hell, when I first learned that they were going to recast Bond. I was pissed, I'm not going to lie. I went so far as to boycott the films, because for me Pierce was, and still in many different ways had the soul of the modern Bond. And I still say, that he was the best bond of this generation. Sorry Danny boy, but that's my thoughts and I'm sticking to it. However, I was blown away about how much backstory, especially Bond's backstory, and how they sort of dig down into the soul of the character of James Bond. I love the themes of the movie, about death and recairnation.

Also, I love the dynamic between all the characters. Silvia, M, and Q. I don't really know what to think about Eve/Moneypenny. It had the flirting that I always loved between the two characters. And although I have always been a James/Moneypenny shipper, because Pierce and the previous Moneypenny had chemistry like whoa. Like Tony/Pepper levels of sexual chemistry. And I always hoped that these two would get together.

However, as much as the film tried to push it. I didn't feel that level of chemistry between Naomi Harris and Daniel Craig.  I don't know if it is because of the characters or the actors themselves.

On to the other character interaction. So the main villain, Silva was sort of campy creepy. They tried to pull it of that he maybe heterosexual or bisexual when he kissed that wannabe bond girl, but I was like um...nope, I wasn't fooled, and I totally wasn't fooled because Silva blantliy came on to James, and I mean in blant way.

You have to be blind death and dumb to not see the double entrende. And then, and THEN folks James freaking Bond blows my mind, and like says: "This wouldn't be my first time." I almost died in my chair, I was screaming, I was squeeing. I mean James freaking Bond of all people, icon of everything that is British, Macho, and Heterosexual like freaking admitting that he's bisexual. I'm sorry, I almost choked on my popcorn. JFK!

I love the interaction between M and James. M and James came off as the sort overbearing, snarky mom and son relationship. And Silva sort came off as the black sheep, bitter son. It was weird, but actually felt very in character.

And also, Q is so cute. He kind of reminds a bit , in his physical traits a bit of mixture of Hank McCoy from X-men first class, and sherlock. Also James was totally flirting with him. It was totally obvious and cute. The level of trust that he showed Q towards the end of the movie speaks volumes. There is no wonder why this ship blew up like whoa.

Okay, I'm done squeeing. I mean I just wrote five hundred words of squeeage,  In conclusion. I say that Skyfall was by far the best of the bond films I seen in a long time. It's has action, but it's a really great film just as a character study of the man behind the icon of James Bond. I recommend it.

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