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Just finished  making these cookies, and decided to share. I actually finally found a homemade icing recipe that worked out. Once again, youtube saved the day. And I can assure everyone that these DO taste as good as they look.

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So my computer has died. And I'm writing this from my kindle. I probably be AWOL for a few days. I have to wipe the hard drive and re-install Windows 7.
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So yesterday, a cat came into our yard, and basically said hi to my mom. My mom told the cat she feed it if the cat is still here after they came back from having dinner. The cat was still there, and came out on the front porch. My dad feed it, and it decided to stay the night. Today I discovered that it's a girl kitty, and if she decides to stay permanently. We're going to name her. At the moment, she is going by the name of Ms. Kitty. Isn't she adorable?
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Okay, so I been silent on the menagerie front. I'm not done with it, but I was burnt out. I kind of scrapped the last storyline, added a new main character by the name of Felix Keane. And it's going to be delicious, and so fey. I'm not even kidding you. This all I can tell you right now, but as soon as I'm done with the initial outlining, I'll give you guys the summary here first. Also I moved to a different server, and dropped .com for a .tk. So update your bookmarks.
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Hey just thinking again. I was delving into the archives of the daily dot, and came upon a thought provoking article. There is a claim, actually there is a fact that almost all of the slash pairings in the multi fandom are white. It's very rare to see a person of color as a focus of a slash fandom. And I thought to myself, if there is anything to it. A lot of it has to do with modern western media. It's been my thought, that media such as television, and movies which make up a good portion of fandom is white. White and Straight. It's one of the reasons that slash is here, and has been here to stay for a while.
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So the television series 'Merlin' has just ended. No, I didn't see the finale, and I really don't want to see it. I know how it ends, I knew from the very first episode how it would all end. However, I can't come up with an answer for what this story was truly about, and what was it all for, now that we have come to the end of this series. It's a question that I ask of most prequel series or reboots., and I seldom ever get a good answer. The series gave us fresh faces, and a new love for the long standing mythological figures. However, why did it have to end this way? The series already changed so much from the original canon. So why does Morgana have to be the villain, and why can't Mordred can't be redeemed? Read more... )
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 So Happy Yule!

Today is my religious holiday. And yeah, Hanukkah is over, and Christmas is only a few days a way. However, today is my assigned day to cook, and gorge myself on baked goods. I'm going to give some to my goddess, put on some Christmas music. And shove myself into the holiday spirit. Yep, I haven't really been feeling it this year, and I was at lost how to get myself into the holiday spirit. So yeah, happy yule. If you celebrate this holiday, I wish you a great holiday. And drink and be merry! To those who don't celebrate this holiday, Happy Friday. You guys have a great weekend.


ETA: Also I decided to post my two meager Christmas cards/holiday cards that I made last month.
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Omigod, I'm trying not to sob right now. I'm thinking about the last time I saw my kids this morning. And right now I want to rush to pick up my kids, and squeeze them. I just what kind of sick bastard goes to a elementary school, elementary school for godsakes shoot kids, shoot their own mother, their own family. My oldest, and middle kid are at school right now. At an elementary school. And this incident leaves me terrified, and angry. I hate to be political, but how many shootings, how many people have to die before we do some gun control reform in this country. I'm not talking about UK levels of gun control, but something better than what we  have now. This is the second shooting this month. This week even.

And I don't know if the shooter had a history of mental problems, but if he did. He shouldn't have a gun in the first place. As person with mental problems, I suffer from agoraphobia, anxiety, and depression; I  think you shouldn't be able to get gun in this country.  My father thinks that nothing can be changed, and I call bullshit. Things can be changed. And I think we need to start shouting, screaming at our people in congress to do something. My stepfather has gone to pick up my kids. And I'm waiting for baited breath for my kids to come home. You send you kids to school each morning thinking that they are going to be okay, that it's safe. And more, and more it's becoming less true. And it makes me want to scream, I want to wrap my kids in bubble wrap, and home school them for chrissake. But the hard truth is that the world is an unsafe place, and I just have to keep calm, and carry on .
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Here be SPOILERS guys! Also warning for unreal levels of fangirl squeeage going on here, and potential grammar fails.
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So no word counts today. I tried writing, and it went to sit. I'm also sick as dog. And all I want to do is sleep. Although, I can't do that at the moment. I'm not going to be on the computer for a day or so. So if I'm AWOL, then that's why. I'm going to try to write tomorrow if I feel better. I'm also kind of getting frustrated, but some scenes are not turning out as I planned. I might have to completely rewrite one scene. I'm not giving up, and I'm going to continue to write this series.
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Brand Spanking New Logo!

So I'm back again, posting yet AGAIN for a third time. However, I just had to share. As a treat for all of my kick ass writing, I did the logo. I tried wordpress, and customizing just failed like crazy. However, I'm going to use the same template from Andreas Viklund that I was going to use on nexus. Different colors this time, and maybe different background too. The colors for Menagerie are Teal, Brown, and Gold. I was inspired by some African pattern prints that I found on Google Images. Tomorrow morning, I'm getting up to finish the rough draft of the first episode. And then I'm taking a day off to revise. I'm going to work on the website and the writing at the same time. Read more... )
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So happy black Friday to everyone! I hope everyone is being safe, and hitting the good sales. I never do black Friday, because I'm always, every year without fail, broke. Ah, well. This gives me time to do finish some much needed soul searching for the new series that I'm writing. So I wanted the character Peter Parker in this series early on. I wanted him to the be the entry point into the marvel universe. *shakes head* As, I do the outline for what I want.I realized, that his subplot is not really strong enough to use. So Peter Parker is going to be inactive for a while. Read more... )
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Hello, and happy turkey day to all my peeps out there. I hope that you have a good day celebrating and re-connecting with friends. I just finished watching the Macy's parade, I only caught the very end, but thank god for re-runs. I also want to say happy thanksgiving for all of my peeps who was effected by Hurricane Sandy. I want to let you know that my heart goes out to all the victims of that Hurricane, and I just want you guys to have a little peace and happiness this year. My thoughts, are with you this holiday season. *hugs*.

Right now, my step-dad is cooking the turkey. It's the one day a year that he actually cooks, and it's his big thing. He takes so much care to get everything right. Although. he panicked, because he forgot to add flour to the bird bag/zip-lock cooking bag that he cooks it in.

My mom has been up cooking since at eleven last night, and she's dozing off in the den. Watching reruns of 'Leave it to beaver'. My kids just finished watching the parade, and is harassing their birth mother, my sister to death. LOL. Just another Thanksgiving, abet a small one at my house.

Also happy Thursday to all my international friends, who are lucky bastards, and don't have to go through the Chaos until Christmas.


P.S. Typically, Mabon is my religious time for thanksgiving. However, since my family is almost exclusively Christian, I tend to have to have to celebrate two separate, but similar holidays.

Oh, and stay tuned for the Christmas/Holiday cards, which I will start making this week.

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So lately I been mentioning that I have been getting into cooking. I got a great tutorial for my mom's recipe for making her own version of spaghetti, which she made last night. It's a quick and easy recipe. And it's a staple for when you don't have a lot of time or money on your hands. I wish that all my peeps could be in my mom's kitchen eating her spaghetti. You guys, are sure missing out. Today, is my last time baking for until after Thanksgiving. Traditionally, thanksgiving is my mom's time to shine in the kitchen. However, the holidays with Yule / Christmas coming up I will bringing my own religious traditions and some great family classics into the kitchen. I'm making Yule Log Cake, and Gingerbread cookies. I made the cookies last year (with the help of  Betty Crocker packet). I think might make them from scratch this year.

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Dear Friends & Patrons:

So I'm moving servers again. ;_; And, since all my art is hosted at my server/word press, which is going to take a day or so to get up. Don't worry (for those few who are indeed worried) My art will be back up tomorrow!

Sorry for the inconvenienced,


Nov. 6th, 2012 10:22 pm
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Congratulations Barrack Obama!

44th President Of The United States

*Does the snoopy dance of glee*

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I say this as a woman, as a lesbian, as person of color:

No matter whom you support this election day, please go out and VOTE!

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Things I Need To Work On:

*24 hr TAT for 1 hour of audio.
*Multi-speaker audio (general business and/or academic multi-speaker correspondence including; interviews, panel discussions, market studies, research studies and lectures.) 
*Verbatim transcripiton 
*Grammar skills: especially Sentence Structure, Pun, and Syntax.

What I'm Working On Today:
   Comma Usage 
  Podcast: Lifestylebusiness Podcast: EP #112 |23:00 min , 4:53 (@1hr mark) 10:04 (@1:50 hr)

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1. Download practice audio
2.Keyboarding Practice

1. Clean the kitchen

1. Do the character cards.
2.Finish the plot points and start on the part 1

Note: I'm totally off today. So that's why it's pretty light today. This might change through out the day. Also last night, I finally saw Avengers. Sooo worth the wait. It kind of blew my Kradam, and my H50 obsession out of the water.

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